Medical assistant salary in 2014

With every new year, more and more jobs are to be found in the healthcare system due to the increasing numbers of disease cases or other medical issues. But there will always be people to change that for the best and to offer another opportunity for individuals to feel better. Their health is very important for the many that work in this medical system and the lives of patients is considered valuable.

As a medical assistant, the main duties of your job description is to secure the environment to keep away any risk of contracting an infection. For example, according to the area of their work, if they work in hospitals, then they’ll have to prepare the room where the patient examination will occur.

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Also, they might be in charge to collect from the patients the required blood samples for different kinds of analysis and make sure that the specimens are ready for the laboratory analysis. But as a medical assistant, he will have to assist to the examination of the patient by taking their temperature, measuring their pulse, with other words measuring their vital signs and assist in their treatment under the surveillance of a doctor.

Their job also involves writing the information on the patient’s chart and before that interview him and so on. In this profession, it is known that a medical assistant will have to be guided by the education achieved having the necessary knowledge about concepts that are standard in this working field, and have the certain amount required of practice and procedure in a specific field.

A medical assistant has the skill to fulfill and to make plans and to achieve goals, while performing a multitude of tasks. His education is based on graduating a high school and to achieve a diploma or an equivalent of it and also to obtain a certificate in the field of a medical assistant. But also, a medical assistant according to each state in the US, will have to provide or not an amount of experience that can be based on a two years or less, of practice. In other words, some states won’t require you to have experience. Still, even if you are to practice in any of those states, it is recommended to have some experience.

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The medical assistant salary in 2014 will vary considerably, according to the number of many influential factors, but also according to each state area or location. As a first point, a medical assistant salary in 2014 will be based on the accomplishment of getting the work done in the administrative tasks.

The average medical assistant salary in 2014 will be estimated in the United States at $32,000, whereas the growth in the professional’s salary will rise due in part to his educational level of training. As mentioned earlier about the education that one has to follow to become a medical assistant, it is important to know that many employers like to work with medical assistants who already have a certification.

But it is also very important that after you’ve graduated the high school and you’ve obtained your diploma, if your career dream is to work as a medical assistant, then knowing that you can start pursuing such a career you will make the necessary steps to achieve that. We know that not all the states have training programs for this field, but these kinds of programs can be discovered at many colleges or accredited institutions, which will prepare you to be a good medical assistant.

These medical assistant training programs will offer an extent to your education by providing a certification that will open many doors in your career opportunities, putting you on the top of the best chosen by employers.

What is also great to these positions is the fact that your experience training will be started in many cases at your working place, but obviously the cases when you already have a certain amount of experience are excluded. Depending on the area or the location of the jobs as a medical assistant, professionals will have to train the new individuals who start working as medical assistants by teaching them in the job offices the medical terminology of different tools and the various kinds of tasks that will have to be finished in an expected period of time and so on.

But if you want to encompass the median average of a medical assistant salary in 2014, then you’ll have to study for getting the knowledge that will make you good at what is needed and expected from a medical assistant to do. For example, you can take classes and study how to deal with the electronically and technically advanced technology such as medical records that can be handled electronically or by hand.

With these things, you will enhance your chances into taking more tasks around the working offices or working locations leading to advancement in the seniority position. Your salary will grow considerably and the benefits are yet to come.

Other factors that will influence the medical assistant salary in 2014 are the various types of their working places, the location in which the medical assistant is working, and the training that he has gained before getting hired.

But of course that you can expect according to the state you are in, that the employees will offer the future medical assistant a wage that will be similar to the one that is based on the factors mentioned earlier, but without taking these factors into account. For example, in 2014 the median average medical assistant salary in Charleston South Carolina is of $30,500 while in Tucson the average can reach at $30,600 per year and so on.

medical assistant payday

You should also be informed that the business market competitiveness in 2014 is very high in demands, so their purpose as large facilities that will hire medical assistants is to take the salaries and make them on high level of competitiveness.

For example, the medical assistant salary in 2014 will vary greatly according to the employers who work in this profession. Those medical assistants who work under a successful doctor or as part of a team that deals with research will be paid more than others working in other fields or in the same fields but with a rate of wage that is less, because they are not in research or in an equally good setting.

For the medical assistants working in this area or in this professional domain, the environment is much safer and on a long term basis. For example, the employers who offer a competitive salary can be found in domains like colleges, universities and other institutions where the salary in 2014 is estimated at an yearly amount of $33,700, and also in fields like surgical hospitals where the salary can reach at $31,070, this involving the annual average salary.

The possibility will also rise when you appeal to work as a medical assistant to the branch of medical organizations that have a certain specialty, like the area of Scientific Development or any other Research Field, where the average salary in 2014 will be estimated at $37,800 per year and so on.

The salary for medical assistants will constantly grow if their working places assume from their part to be able to have a much higher amount of medical information, this involving a higher medical knowledge and also a developing range of skills that will help them to perform various tasks a lot easier. Then, as medical assistants, they will become a valuable asset for their employers.

Here enter the various certification programs that will help the medical assistants to become of great value for the employers and this will also give them the opportunity to earn more in this competitive medical industry.

This is one of the major motifs why many employers in the fields of hospitals and the ones of offices don’t want to hire medical assistants who don’t possess this kind of training even though this is not a needed requirement as to work in this profession.

The individuals who have top education training will be much more privileged, allowing them on their daily basis of working experience to take an amount of many tasks. Then the employer will not be forced to hire more staff and the medical assistant will gain a much higher salary.

Also, according to the field of expertize, let’s just take for example that as a medical assistant you’ll succeed to work as a medical director, and then everything for you will change. The changes we are referring to here include the tasks you’ll have to perform, but also with this job come many benefits combined with a huge amount of responsibility.

As a medical director, you’ll have to play the role as organizing the relationships with the doctors, the marketing material development in the area of your working place, or many other tasks including writing various publications involving research.

In this field, the medical assistant salary in 2014 is estimated at an average of $200,000 yearly and even more according to the responsibilities. As you can see this amount, it is very high, it is a luxury payment, a luxurious salary, we might say.

The future outlook for a medical assistant salary is enormously prosperous, due to the rise of the percentage throughout the time referred in the office fields, and also due to the demanding of the elderly population and to the number of employments that this job is addressed to. For the next ten years or so, the exact amount for a medical assistant salary will rise on the entire healthcare market. Many of the offices that hire medical assistants will fulfil the gap of other working professionals by letting the medical assistants to develop also on the medical technology that is widely spread and available.

The medical assistant jobs and salaries in 2014 offer a high amount of consistency due to the job demanding, this profession being on a very high demand. Thus, it is very important that decisions are made now, while your competitors didn’t occupy your dream job position already. Obviously, there are enough job openings, but what we are pointing out here is the fact that hesitating or waiting more than necessary might seize some better opportunities, leaving only the good ones behind. Why go for good when excellent is also available?

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Medical Assistant Salaries in 2013


medical assistant salaryBecoming a medical assistant in 2013 can be a wise solution for anyone who didn’t have success with other careers so far. Even if like 10 or 20 years ago being one wasn’t as great as it is in the present, you will be happy to know that there is more and more demand to fill in positions as assistants.

The process which explains why medical assistants will find a job with ease it’s not too hard to explain. So here’s what happened:

  1. The population of our planet is expanding quickly, more and more people need healthcare
  2. Medical technologies have rapidly grown and advanced, thus more and more things can be cured by doctors, thus more and more doctors and assistants are needed
  3. All over the world, private healthcare facilities are getting to work officially, more and more of them over time. This means another huge amount of unfilled positions in the healthcare system.

Of course any medical assistant salary is different from institution to institution, as well as from state to state. For instance, if you are lucky enough to be the only assistant of the only sports doctor of some football, baseball or basketball team, you’d logically earn a lot more money. Also, there is a general tendency as to paying more in the private healthcare system than in the public healthcare system.

Sometimes, staying in the private healthcare system keeps you out of the risks of not getting salaries in time. However, such problems don’t occur generally, only rare occurrences have been known so far. More

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Medical Assistant Salary

Many people usually follow a certain career path because of the money they will get at the end of a hard day’s work. Since there are many positions that one can get with the medical assistant jobs all the professionals cannot earn the same amount of money. There are also other factors that are put in place to determine the medical assistant salary like:

medical assistant paydayInstitution a person is working at – there are different institutions that one can get jobs openings like hospitals, clinics and other health care organizations. The salary of a person can be determined by such places where for instance, if someone is working in a private institution, they could earn more than a person who is working in a public institution. The size of the institution can also be put into consideration when determining how people who want to engage in medical assistant jobs will be paid. This is where a person who is working in a large organization is likely to earn more money than their counterpart who is working in a smaller organization or one that is just starting out. Therefore, it is very important to choose the organization where to find jobs to get one that offers a good medical assistant salary package. More

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Medical Assistant Salaries

Medical assistant jobs are among those that are abundantly available. Government statistics show that this field is growing at a high rate. If you look on the internet or the press, you can see many jobs being advertised which means that despite the tough economic times, one can find a vacancy in this field. The jobs may be available but the most important aspect to consider is the pay. Knowing a medical assistant salary is vital for anyone who is planning to join the field and to help you with the same, here is some information regarding how much you can expect to get once you get that job.

Medical assistant salary depends on a number of factors ranging from training to experience one has been in the field. Given that various factors are determinants when it comes to medical assistant jobs, here is how you can expect to be paid. As per the year 2008, those medical assistance working in surgical hospitals and general medical ones got an annual salary of $ 29,720, for those in universities, colleges and other institutions of medical studies got $ 28,820. Those who got jobs in Outpatient care centers were paid $ 28,570, at the office of a physician could be paid $ 28,700 and $ 25, 200 for a medical assistant jobs in any other health practitioner’s office.

medical assistants More

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Medical Assistant Training

medical assistantHaving a stable job is the wish of every person in the current world. This is because it helps feel secure and avoid worries of losing your job at any given time. Today, many students take medical courses due to the benefits that are accredited to it. This is because this job is on high demand and at the same time, it comes with good compensation.

In case you are looking for a career that comes with total security, then you need to take medical assistant training. This is because this training will shape you to become one.

For you to venture into this career, you need to have some qualities. These qualities are geared towards working well with employees and the patients and at the same time, incorporating organizational skills in a fast paced medical environment so as to achieve your set goals. In other words, you need multitask to fit in this career. More

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