medical assistant salaryBecoming a medical assistant in 2013 can be a wise solution for anyone who didn’t have success with other careers so far. Even if like 10 or 20 years ago being one wasn’t as great as it is in the present, you will be happy to know that there is more and more demand to fill in positions as assistants.

The process which explains why medical assistants will find a job with ease it’s not too hard to explain. So here’s what happened:

  1. The population of our planet is expanding quickly, more and more people need healthcare
  2. Medical technologies have rapidly grown and advanced, thus more and more things can be cured by doctors, thus more and more doctors and assistants are needed
  3. All over the world, private healthcare facilities are getting to work officially, more and more of them over time. This means another huge amount of unfilled positions in the healthcare system.

Of course any medical assistant salary is different from institution to institution, as well as from state to state. For instance, if you are lucky enough to be the only assistant of the only sports doctor of some football, baseball or basketball team, you’d logically earn a lot more money. Also, there is a general tendency as to paying more in the private healthcare system than in the public healthcare system.

Sometimes, staying in the private healthcare system keeps you out of the risks of not getting salaries in time. However, such problems don’t occur generally, only rare occurrences have been known so far.

However, you shouldn’t become a medical assistant just because you feel like you’d enjoy a medical assistant salary (as they pay very well). This type of job is full of responsibilities as you will have to:

  • Write down the appointments of patients
  • Ask patients to find out how they are feeling know, what their symptoms are
  • Measure the vital signs of your patients all the time
  • If needed, administering of injections or collection of blood samples is needed (for medical analysis)
  • Be knowledgeable of all medical equipment available at your workplace, so that if your doctor asks you to bring him/her anything, you can bring it immediately
  • Be very fast and quickly responsive to everything, including emergencies
  • Not feel disgusted if you see people die or if you feel wounds that are utterly disgusting and ugly


Considering the United States of America, the average medical assistant salary can be positioned around the amount of $30.000. If you think of such a yearly salary, that is not bad at all. Of course a lot of other factors will influence your salary. For instance, the following types of medical assistants all have different salaries thanks to the different nature of the assistant work they do on a daily basis:

  • Army reserve physician assistant
  • Clinical medical assistant
  • Claims assistant
  • Pharmacy assistant
  • Travel physical therapy assistant
  • Orthodontic assistant
  • Medical office assistant
  • Certified medical assistant
  • Medical administrative assistant
  • Medical and healthcare assistant
  • Dermatology office assistant

There are also a number of other types of medical assistants, all paid based on where and how they work.

The type of assistant you’d get to be isn’t the only influential factor in a medical assistant salary. Your years of experience as a medical assistant of some type will also increase or decrease your salary. It is more than logical that more experienced assistants get to be paid better.

Another thing is the area. Places such as New York will likely pay off better, but things are also balanced because the costs of rentals in New York or generally the costs of living there can also be significantly higher compared to other regions in the USA.

There is another important thing you must know. If you are willing to become a certified medical assistant (referred to as CMA), you will become more likely to get hired and your salary will also keep increasing. Facts show us that in the past (sometimes even in the present) there were medical assistants who have never been trained enough to get a certification. Not like people wouldn’t be capable of learning things on the way, but not being certified can sometimes easily cause disasters. Such occurrences aren’t allowed in the medical field so in most of the cases we highly recommend getting the certification to become a CMA.

Not only is a medical assistant salary highly motivating, but after all, it’s a job and career opportunity that has constantly increasing demand. If you want to give yourself a more stable future, you could happily choose to become a medical assistant!

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